Dee Jongs, Founder

Let’s …….just begin by saying I LOVE LAS VEGAS. Living in Vegas has been a wonderful experience. I have attended shows, celebrated the nightlife, enjoyed restaurants, and loved shopping,, pampered myself with spa treatments , attended conventions, left the lights on at the casinos and so much more. My goal is to enhance and make your trips to Vegas fun, safe and informative.

After years of living in California, Dee Jongs settled in Las Vegas. She spent over 10 years working with some of the most innovative companies in the Las Vegas hospitality and entertainment industry. As one of the top vacation, meeting, and convention destinations in the world, Dee realized there was a real need for personalized concierge services to cater to people who want a Fabulous Las Vegas Experience Thru Me. This idea was re-enforced by the requests from out of town colleagues, friends and family who wanted information on where to go, and what to see, what malls to shop at, what transportation use,  what spas have the best massages, where are the local manicure and pedicure shops, how to rent motorcycles, and high end vehicles, what fun things can be done with the kids, and just how to have a good, safe time in Vegas.

My passion is to seve. I now understand that it is something that I enjoy and have found to be quite successful for me. Being able to have a good time while doing something you enjoy is a blessing. Having children is when it all started…birthday parties were a must do!   I can remember my daughter’s 1st birthday 50 people, clowns, miniature pony, and jumper, etc.  It was somewhat over the top, but a good time for all in attendance. Every party and event I have hosted offers a new and exciting experience. From beginning to end it is always a pleasure. Now my service has scaled to higher level, so relax and let me seve you with a Vegas Thru Me experience.

If you want someone who knows what’s hot and what’s not, and where the nightclub action is, the best buffets, the finest restaurants, the best shows or hidden shopping malls, or the best out of town adventure road trip, then Dee Jongs at VEGAS THRU ME is the woman to call. She created this service to be a personal concierge and assistant for visitors looking for the Fabulous Las Vegas Experience.

Recently married to a British Columbian, she especially enjoys working with her new family and friends in Canada.


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